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Acts 7/1989, 8/1990, 11/1991 (s. 33), 22/1992 (s. 17), 20/1994 (s. 22), 6/1998 (s. 6), 13/1998., 6/2000 (s. 151),
1/2003, 6/2005 (s. 34)
1. Short title.
2. Interpretation.
3. Contributors.
4. Rate of contributions.
5. Arrear contributions.
6. Qualifying service.
7. Entitlement to pension.
8. Calculation of pension.
8A. Pensions payable to former Speakers and Deputy Speakers of Parliament and surviving spouses
9. Refund of contributions.
10. Ill-health pension for former contributor.
11. Pensions for surviving spouses or children.
12. Benefits for widows and children of polygamous marriages and children of former marriages.
13. Minister may extend periods.
14. Commutation of pensions.
15. Prohibition of pledge or cession of pension or other benefit.
16. Insolvency of person receiving pension.
17. Proof of age, marriage and date of birth.
18. Benefits to be paid from Consolidated Revenue Fund.
19. Date pension becomes payable.
20. Suspension and recalculation of pension.
21. Accrual of benefits.
22. Commencement of qualifying service.
23. Special provisions for Attorney-General.
24. Special provisions where contributor is elected President.
24A. Special provisions where contributor becomes Vice-President.
25. Savings.
Commutation Factors for Commutation of Pension.
AN ACT to provide for pensions for Vice-Presidents, Senior Ministers, Ministers, Deputy Ministers
and members and certain office-bearers of Parliament; and to provide for matters connected with or
incidental to the foregoing.
[Date of commencement: 23rd June, 1989.]
1 Short title
This Act may be cited as the Parliamentary Pensions Act [Chapter 2:02].
2 Interpretation
(1) In this Act—
“child” means an unmarried son or daughter under the age of eighteen years, and includes—
(a) a posthumous child, a step-child or a child legally adopted; and
(b) subject to subsection (3), an illegitimate child;
“contribute” means to pay contributions in terms of this Act;
“contributions” means the amounts contributed by a contributor to the Consolidated Revenue Fund in terms
of this Act, and includes any amounts paid by a contributor as arrear contributions in respect of previous
qualifying service but does not include any interest paid in respect of such arrear contributions;
“contributor” means a person who is required in terms of section three to contribute;
“Deputy Minister” means a person appointed as a Deputy Minister in terms of section 31D of the Constitution;
“fixed date” means the 23rd June, 1989;
“Minister” means a person appointed as a Minister in terms of section 31D of the Constitution;
“pension” means an annual pension payable in terms of this Act during the lifetime of the recipient, unless in
terms of this Act it is payable for a shorter period;
“pensioner” means a person who is in receipt of a pension in terms of this Act which is payable to him by
virtue of his having paid contributions;
“pensionable age” means the age at which a person is entitled in terms of section seven to receive a pension;
“pensionable emoluments” in relation to a contributor, means
(a) the contributor’s salary payable in terms of the Parliamentary Salaries, Allowances and Benefits
Act [Chapter 2:03]; and
(b) such allowances payable to him under that Act as the Minister responsible for finance may
[Definition as inserted by s. 2 of Act 13 of 1998]
“qualifying service” means qualifying service in terms of section six;
“Senior Minister” means a Minister who is designated by the President as a Senior Minister;
“surviving spouse” means—
(a) a widow of a deceased male contributor or pensioner; or
(b) the widower of a deceased female contributor or pensioner;
“Vice-President” means a person appointed as Vice-President of Zimbabwe in terms of section 31C of the
(2) Any reference in this Act to a member of Parliament shall be construed as including—
(a) a reference to the Speaker of Parliament; and
(b) in respect of any period before the 27th March, 1990, as a reference to a Senator or member of the


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